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MSI RTX40 Series


In the torrent of time, an explosion broke the tranquility, and Display Cards are continuing to break through and evolve in different time and spaces. The black hole opens and shuttles through universes, it quenches out the innovative and efficient MSI GeForce RTX 40 Display Card series. We constantly surpassing ourselves, believing craftsmanship is formed by listening to user’s ideas. Welcome to the MSI Multiverse.


客戶 Client : MSI

Creative / Production : LUMA iDEA 白色點子

動畫導演 Director:林詠順 River
專案製片 Producer:葉紘瑋 Aqual
模型製作 Model oragnize:王瑀澤 Wang Yu Ze (No1sy)
動畫製作 3D Animator:林詠順 River、郭致維 Andy、葉紘瑋 Aqual、賴俊傑 LOiSUP
合成 Compositing:林詠順 River、郭致維 Andy、葉紘瑋 Aqual、賴俊傑 LOiSUP

音樂音效 Sound Design : 許家維-質地有聲質樂所 Audio Textural

混音 Mixing : 許家維-質地有聲質樂所 Audio Textural

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